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Course Curriculum

Recommended Self-Paced Videos

Commerce Overview & eCommerce Fundamentals
  • The key features of an eCommerce website
  • The basic eCommerce concepts (including storefront options)
Magento Features (Core/General Config.)
  • Features of Adobe Commerce Open Source Edition and Commerce Edition
  • Differences between all editions of Adobe Commerce products
  • Utilize product types and their features to meet customer requirements
  • Interpret requirements and mock ups to determine if they can be met with native functionality
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the admin panel and the location of common features
  • Demonstrate the ability import/export Adobe Commerce entities
  • Understand how to natively configure cart and checkout
  • Evaluate the native available shipping methods in Adobe Commerce and how they apply to common use cases
  • Understanding the ways to create and publish stylized content using the Adobe Commerce CMS features including Page Builder
  • Using native tools to manage the order life cycle
  • Demonstrate the ability to configure the various gifting options (gift cards, gift wrapping, give messages)
  • Configuring and modifying transactional emails
  • Explain the customer self service and loyalty program native features in B2B
Adobe Commerce Basics, Merchandising
  • Service Add-ons in Adobe Commerce
  • Hosting options for Adobe Commerce
  • Demonstrate the ability to create promotions to meet specific business criteria and how it determines final pricing
  • Demonstrate ability to manage categories and products
  • Understand the different pricing configurations and how they affect the final price
Adobe Commerce System Architecture, Customization Techniques, Add-ons
  • Identify and analyze performance metrics to make improvements
  • The available methods to integrate external system with Adobe Commerce
  • Differentiate between headless approaches and traditional
  • Describe Magento file structure
  • Describe Magento CLI commands
  • Describe cron functionality
  • Given a scenario, describe usage of the di.xml
  • Given a scenario, create controllers
  • Describe module structure
  • Describe index functionality
  • Describe localization
  • Describe plugin, preference, event observers, and interceptors
  • Describe custom module routes
  • Describe URL rewrites
  • Describe the Magento caching system
  • Describe stores, websites, and store views (basic understanding)
  • Describe the B2B functionality and how it relates to common B2B scenarios
  • Apply business requirements to suggest a solution using MSI
  • Explain the advantages and how to use BI to the Adobe Commerce solution
  • Distinguish the differences between native search and Live Search
  • Apply business requirements to determine how to apply taxes, duties and exemptions in a B2B environment
  • Understand how to apply tailored pricing to a B2B customer
  • Understand the differences between Adobe Commerce native product and Adobe Sensei product recommendations
Digital Marketing, Compliance & Security Basics
  • Recommend best practices for SEO using native features
  • Assess common metrics in Google Analytics and BI
  • Secure the Adobe Commerce data access with roles and permissions
  • Basics of compliance for privacy laws and payment security
  • Common security aspects of an Adobe Commerce project
  • The basics of tax laws and how to configure
Working with Admin, Layout, DB, & EAV
  • Describe how the ACL works with roles and resources
  • Identify the components to use when creating or modifying the admin grid/form
  • Identify the files to use when creating a store/admin config and menu items
  • Given a scenario, change/add/remove attribute sets and/or attributes
  • Describe different types of attributes
  • Given a scenario, use a DB schema to alter a database table
  • Describe models, resource models, and collections
  • Describe basics of Entity Attribute Value (EAV)
  • Apply changes to existing product types and create new ones
  • Modify and extend existing Catalog entities
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage Indexes and customize price output
  • Explain how multi-source inventory impacts stock (program level)
Working with Catalog, Sales, APIs, & Services
  • Apply changes to existing product types and create new ones
  • Modify and extend existing Catalog entities
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage Indexes and customize price output
  • Explain how multi-source inventory impacts stock (program level)
  • Demonstrate the ability to develop new payment methods or customize existing payment methods
  • Demonstrate the ability to add and customize shipping methods
  • Demonstrate the ability to customize sales operations
  • Explain how to customize totals
  • Demonstrate the ability to create new APIs or extend existing APIs
  • Demonstrate the ability to use the queuing system
Setup/configuring Adobe Commerce Cloud, Commerce Cloud CLI tool (managing part)
  • Identify how to setup/configure Adobe Commerce Cloud
  • Define Basic Cloud troubleshooting (Hierarchy of web UI and variables, configurations precedence)
  • Recognize basic knowledge of cloud user management and onboarding UI
  • Describe environment Management using UI
  • Describe branching using UI
  • Identify Adobe commerce Cloud Plan capabilities
  • Describe exclusive features of Adobe Commerce Cloud CLI tool (CLI exclusive features: activate emails, rebase environments, snapshot, db dump, local environment setup)
  • Describe branching using the Adobe Commerce Cloud CLI tool
  • I dentify ways to connect to cloud services? (My SQL, Redis, tunnel:info)